Have We Taken The Wrong Approach To Treating Kids With ADHD?


It wasn’t until I began to accept these interfering behaviors as “learning differences” rather than “disabilities” that I began to run with it and try to redirect that energy into a positive learning environment.

Medical professionals and educators have been in search of an effective treatment option to achieve less movement and more focus for kids with ADHD.  I was more interested in why they moved and how movement helped them learn.  I saw very early on that some kids were better at reading when standing, or lying upside down, hanging off a sofa, or along the top of that sofa.  Sometimes they had the best attention when face down on my floor, running a car across the rug.  I had one boy who used to spend the entire session with me flipping a ping pong ball up in the air a few inches and catching it.  As long as he was in motion, he was attending. Parents always told me how amazing it was that their child could learn so much from me. They thought I was magical.  While this is good for my reputation, it is frustrating that the only setting where they can be successful is in my treatment room.

A recent Huffington Post article explores the idea: “Have We Taken The Wrong Approach To Treating Kids With ADHD?”

Read On: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/22/kids-adhd-treatment_n_7110910.html


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