Dyslexia is not about effort

I have encountered many kids of different ages who maintain A’s and B’s despite their disabilities simply because their parents work extremely hard helping them to keep up. It always amazes me when I ask a parent how long it takes for their 8 or 10 year old to do their homework and the parent reports it takes 2 to 3 hours a night while it should only take 30 to 40 minutes.

So what’s the problem? Why does it take so long to do homework? Is it focus on the task? Is it difficulty recalling what was taught? Is it lack of understanding the assignment? Is it that it takes time for the parent to learn the lesson and reteach it? Is it low frustration tolerance requiring frequent breaks?

More often than not, dyslexia results from an auditory processing deficit.  If a child hears, but does not interpret the message quickly enough or doesn’t interpret it accurately, proper information cannot be stored for later retrieval.  For many children, every time they listen in a group or with background noise, they cannot fully process what they hear.  Is it any wonder: they have struggled when learning to read? They cannot associate sounds to symbols correctly?  They cannot recall spelling rules?  They can’t follow directions? They don’t understand what they read?

Below is a link to a wonderful, article written by a high school freshman who is Dyslexic, about her struggles with reading and learning.